Spalted Black Walnut

Product Description 

Spalted Black Walnut.  There could hardly be any more character than with this one. Two prominent branches have been detail sanded – the upper one is hollowed with both branches having a buckled 3D type figuring or “fiddle back” as some say. Just plain beautiful! The top and sides exhibit some white streaks of spalting. Spalting is the result of the beginning phases of decomposition from a fungi leaving its zone lines. Many woodworkers purposefully try to cultivate this in their pieces – especially Maple.

Cracks have been detail sanded. The finish on this piece is a 3x hand rubbed Tung oil worked to a super smooth touch. Tung oil is a good choice where beverages may be placed as it resists water and alcohol staining. As with all my stumps this has been kiln dried and disinfected by a heating process.


•Total Height – 26”
•Top – 12” x 11″ (W)
•Approximate Weight – 80 lbs.

Hand-crafted, custom designed tree stump furniture