Red Oak

Beauty. Form. Function

Product Description

  • Total Height – 22-1/4”
  • Top – 2-1/2” (H) x 13” (W)
  • Widest root point – 26”
  • Approximate Weight – 50 lbs
The attraction of this style of table is to see the end grain of wood. The rings can be counted indicating the age of the tree. Such a design can be customized to a night stand as well. What should be the height of an end table or night stand? A general rule of thumb is 2” below the arm rest height of your couch or recliner or 2” above mattress height. However this is very much subject to the preference of the user. The finish on this piece is a 4x hand rubbed Tung oil to a very smooth 600 grit polish. Tung oil is a good choice where beverages may be placed as it resists water and alcohol staining. The grain is very attractive with swirls common in stumps. The back side does not have a root protruding therefore the piece could be placed up against a wall with the top and base touching nearly symmetrical.

Hand-crafted, custom designed tree stump furniture