Red Oak Root Coffee Table

Product Description

This is a root table. When I find a stump with a desirable root pattern I will leave as much root as possible rather cutting it closer to the stock. Root tables take much more time and detail to process but produce a beautiful piece of art. Notable features to this root table are a hollowed cavity, attractive brown grain, and an outgrowth that some have said resembles a moose with antlers. These types of tables are assuredly conversation pieces.

The finish is a 3x hand rubbed Danish oil to a very smooth 600 grit polish. I mounted this on a 14” diameter platform that is 2-3/4” thick.


  • Base – 21-1/2” (H) – 14” (W) at floor
  • Widest root point – 33-1/2”
  • Approximate Weight – 70 lbs
  • Glass top –36” x 1/2” (W x H) with polished edges – heat tempered for safety
  • Glass Approximate Weight – 40 lbs


Hand-crafted, custom designed tree stump furniture