Chestnut Oak Pedestal Sink

Product Description

Would you like to enhance your rustic bathroom or class up your powder room? Give consideration to a unique stump pedestal sink. I took this stump base into an Atlanta showroom to try to find a matching vessel sink. The six of us without hesitation agreed that the green onyx sink was the one. A perfect fit. Streaks and swirls of deep brown, red and white against a light green back drop nicely complemented the same deep browns of the stump.

Chestnut Oak is in the white oak family. It characterizes the oak grain with a dark heart wood and root that at first could be mistaken for walnut. It has a leaf like a chestnut tree and produces very large acorns. This stump displays a desirable insect influence, mild spalting, and a blending of dark and light browns in the lower portion.  The finish is a polyurethane gloss. The base was sanded between each of the four coats with the final coat being smooth and clear.

The sink is recessed into the top of the stump. The back was hollowed so as to allow easy access to the plumbing. All fixtures including drain and P trap are of brushed nickel. The P trap has a slotted cap for easy removal to recover any items lost down the drain. This sink was designed for a wall mounted faucet. The ‘G’ drain is a push stop and push open unit.


  • Lower Base – 28” (W) at widest point. 24” deep. 28- 1/2” (H)
  • Upper Base – 13-1/2” x 11-1/2”
  • Weight – 100 lbs
  • Vessel Sink –16-5/8” diameter. 5/8” rim. 5” deep interior
  • Vessel Sink Weight – 25 lbs

Hand-crafted, custom designed tree stump furniture