Black Walnut Floor Lamp & Golden Leaves Shade

Product Description

A discarded tree from land clearing was salvaged to become a handsome floor lamp.  The root system was left intact.  This tree likely grew on a slope – hence the natural lean is presented.   Polished with Danish oil to 600 grit brought out the natural tones and nuances.  Hard to keep your hands off this silky smooth Black Walnut!

The lamp is complemented with a Golden Leaves shade, a hand crafted paper shade with leaves embedded and made in the USA.  Shade is 8” wide at top and 24” wide at base.  When illuminated it presents a gorgeous warm glow.  Fixtures are painted hammered stone to blend with the black walnut. Includes shade, harp, 3-way switch and 12′ cord which runs through the lamp.  Lamp is 54″ tall or with shade is 67″ tall. Widest span between roots is about 20″.


Hand-crafted, custom designed tree stump furniture