Red Oak Dyed Black - Pedestal Sink

Product Description

I decided to try a contemporary style. The deep red vessel sink with satin nickel fixtures against the ultra black really set this one apart. It is definitely an attention getter. There is easy access front and back for plumbing and even a small storage compartment inside. On the counter top there is room for soap dispenser and even room to drape a towel. The stump is dyed to the blackest of black followed with 4 coats of urethane. As with most of my stumps this one too shows an insect influence. It is mounted on a 2″ thick slab platform which can be used to anchor the sink to the floor for stability. Fixtures are easy to work with requiring no tools for assembly. The sink is near fully recessed into the top of the stump. It is a glass vessel sink with all fixtures of satin nickel. Fixtures include drain / P trap / crossover pipe / escutcheon / and a push stop – push open drain. The P trap has a slotted cap for easy removal to recover any items lost down the drain. The faucet control handle moves forward and sidewise for hot / cold use.


  • Counter top – 32” (H) – (sink rises 1-½” above counter)
  • Widest root span – 33”
  • Platform – 14” diameter
  • Weight – Approx. 70 lbs
  • Glass vessel sink – 14” diameter / ½” rim / 5-½” deep interior

Hand-crafted, custom designed tree stump furniture