Ingrained Elegance
The chef won’t be the only one getting the complements

One of a kind, custom designed, hand crafted, wood stump dining tables.

Ingrained Elegance brings the uniqueness provided in nature for your custom designed, hand-crafted wood stump furniture that suits your individual taste and style. Your American grown oak, maple, black walnut or sycamore dining table will be a special centerpiece of your dining room for generations. 

The Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina provide the pristine environment for salvaging the rich beauty of unearthed wood. Mesmerizing grain patterns and tones produced by years of compression reveal a neglected elegance of nature that brings a peaceful serenity to any space.

Your choice in décor divulges a story of your values and personality. Allow me the opportunity to assist in selecting an unequaled piece of tree stump furniture that makes a statement about you. Contact me about possibilities of your finely hand crafted tree stump furniture. If you are curious about how some pieces look, check out the gallery and see the tree stump coffee tables and other types of furniture we have for sale.

“Not just a conversation piece – an heirloom.”

Matt Kruse